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Why ConsultEd ?

100 % acceptance

All the applicants received admission for the academic year summer semester 2021. Student with 65% GPA received admission to public university in Germany.

University contact

Directly in contact with university to clarify questions and understand success factors.

European graduates

Mentors helping you with the application are graduates from the best universities in Europe.

Customized application

Each application is customized according to the requirements for the course which increases the success rate for applicants.

About Us

Experience Europe through education, that’s our motto. We believe the best way to explore the European job market, culture, places, food is by starting as a student in Europe. All our consultants who are graduates from Europe have the unique capability to create application documents which assists the applicant to stand out from the competition. We are an education consultancy based in Germany and India, assisting applications for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programs in renowned universities across Europe.

Our experienced staff assist you through every step of the application from preparing your resume to helping your move to Europe once you are accepted into a program. In addition, our centers in Europe have direct contact with major universities, helping answer any queries about different degree programs, scholarship options, status of a current student application etc.

That’s one small step for you, but one giant leap for your future

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One on one consulting sessions

Following online registration, you meet with one of our consultants to discuss and understand your professional goals. This session would help us in streamlining the courses or programs that best suit your need and educational background.

Schedule a one on one session to meet with a consultant to discuss your goals.

Resume and cover letter preparation

A concise, well-documented resume and a formal cover letter are crucial for a successful application.

Application support

In addition to a well-made resume and cover letter, the application process varies among universities and countries.

Visa Application

Once accepted, most overseas applicants need to attain a VISA before they move to Europe and the visa needs to be procured at the earliest.

Scholarship applications

There are multiple scholarships provided by universities and governments in Europe for students to support their education.

Accommodation support

The final step in moving to Europe is finding affordable and comfortable accommodation.

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Why Europe?

The world-renowned universities in Europe are known for their high quality but affordable education. Many universities, especially in Germany, charge a little to no tuition fee. Additionally, each university has students from all around the globe, helping you learn in a truly diverse environment. Not to mention, the student visa enables you to travel between the 26 Schengen countries and experience the adventures of a lifetime! The ‘student jobs’ offered by universities aid for an affordable living. The straight forward and transparent visa policies make immigration to Europe a pleasant experience. Additionally, most European countries offer an extended job seeking visa (if required) after the completion of your degree here. For instance students of German universities receive a job seeking visa valid for 18 months.


Govind Suresh M.Sc. RWTH
CEO & Founder

Masters of Science from RWTH Aachen University (Germany) with industrial experience in manufacturing and process optimization.

Dr. Samada Muraleedharan

Doctorate in Life Science (Dr. rer. nat) from Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology (Germany); Scientist.

Address & Contact details

The best way to reach us is via the contact form or the German number. In case of urgent matters and if the above mentioned contacts are not reachable, call our Indian number.

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Mon- Sat: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sun: With appointments



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