Best Countries in Europe to Study and Live

Best Countries in Europe to Study and Live

With the Covid-19 restrictions getting relaxed, Europe is getting back to business. Europe is not just a hub for the best universities and companies in the world, but it also offers the best work life balance. Let us find out the countries that welcome international students to live big.

  1. Denmark

Denmark has a good balance between work and leisure hours where the latter outnumbers the former (6.6 per day & 8.8 per day respectively). It also offers a good pay to support your life. The average salary per person is around 40,600 DKK per month (4,84,484 INR). This is also one of the best places in Europe for raising children. Both mother and father are entitled to 23 weeks of parental leave and the mother gets an additional four weeks of leave before the due date.

2. Sweden

Everyone is a bit envious of the popular work life balance of the Swedes. They have frequent ‘fika’, a morning break around 11.00 am to have coffee and pastries before lunch. The average salary per person is 32,800 SEK per month (2,87,523 INR). Along with that 16 months of paid parental leave makes it anybody’s dream destination.

3. Netherlands

The first thing about this beautiful place is that they have the shortest work week ever (30.3 hours per week). The average salary is 2,816 € per month (2,29,979 INR). Numerous bank holidays and generous parental leave make this a favorite place for many international students.

4. Finland

The workdays might look similar to India or USA, Monday to Friday, 8-5. The difference is that their lunch break is 1-2 hours long. This is a good time to catch up with your buddy next floor. The average salary per person is around 4,690 € per month (4,16,335 INR). Also, they are said to be the happiest people on earth!

5. France

On an average, the people in France spend about 9.3 hours per day to sit back and relax. You might remember the famous movie scenes with a lot a people chilling in coffee shops. Well, you now know the reason. The average salary per person per month is around 3,097 € (2,74,923 INR).

6. Spain

The average free time ties with France. The vibrant Salsa dancing and early afternoon siestas make everyday interesting in Spain. Combined with an annual holiday allowance of 30 days, this is one places to add to the list of places for your higher education in Europe. The average salary per person per month is 2,710 € (2,40,570 INR).

7. Luxembourg

If you forgot to add this beautiful small country in your list, now is the chance. With working on Sunday outlawed for most jobs and a minimum of five weeks paid annual leave in addition to the national holidays, this country is many students’ favorite spot for studies. The average salary per person is 4,910 € (4,35,865 INR) per month.

8. Germany

It is no secret to anyone that most German public universities offer free education even for international students. When you combine this with a great work life balance and pretty good salary, this makes the best place for most international students for higher education. The average salary per person is 3,994 € per month (3,54,551 INR).

9. Austria

Companies have a regular 8-5 workday, except on Fridays where employees are encouraged to reach home by 3:00pm. Also, once you start living in Austria it is said that you never leave (in a good way). This could also be due to the beautiful Alps offering breathtaking views. The average salary is 3,790 € per person per month (3,36,441 INR).

10. Belgium

Working people enjoy here an average of 8.6 hours free time per day. People value time with family and they make sure to reach home in time for dinner. One-month long leave during the summer holidays with family is a common custom in Belgium. The average salary per person is 6,150 € (5,45,941 INR) per month.

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