Part of the European Union and home to 35 advanced education organizations, Finland is an intelligent decision for higher education especially for international students. A libertarian culture where information and long-lasting learning are profoundly esteemed, Finland offers an extraordinary group environment to encourage your learning and self-awareness.

Finland stands top of the list when it comes to security and the people of Finland are ranked the happiest people in the world. This Nordic country has a unique culture and breathtaking nature to explore.

There are more than 400 English taught degree programs available in Finland and to a great extent they are state-subsidized, that means low tuition fees.

Why Study in Finland?

Finland is a human-scaled, comfortable country, with urban areas and towns intended for individuals, not simply vehicles. Times of heavy traffic are not very common. Advanced education establishments are profoundly self-sufficient and to a great extent supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

  1. They typically respond to the necessities of the public, business and industry through their educational programs.
  2. They provide high quality degree programs in English which provides transferrable skills to the students to jump start their career in industry or academia.

Networking is an important aspect of Finnish education and industry system. This helps you to relate to qualified and the most famous professionals in your field from all around the world.

Part time jobs

The students are allowed to work for 25 hours per week during the period of education.

  1. The working hours are however not restricted on a weekly level. This allows you to spread the working hours on different weeks, considering you do not surpass the amount of 25 hours per week when the yearly hour count is considered.
  2. When your study institution offers no restriction, you could even work more than 25 hours.

Tuition fees

Universities in Finland charge tuition fees for international students outside EU and the EEA. During the application it is required to show your capability to support the education and your living cost.

These are our suggestions for the five best universities in Finland.

University of Helsinki

Aalto University

Tampere University

University of Oulu

LUT University

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