With more than 15,000 international students enrolled in the universities of Norway, diversity is one of the positive aspects in their education system.


Tuition and study costs

The courses usually start each year in August with the application period spanning from December to mid-March (this is subject to changes). Most students are unaware of the fact that the public universities in Norway offer free education. The semester fees of 60€ includes campus health services, counselling, access to sports facilities, as well as discounts in public transport and cultural activities. Norwegian private universities charge a similar tuition fee as the other European countries. These fees remain the same for Norwegian and the international students.

Cost of living

Even though Norway offers free education, it is one among the expensive countries in terms of living cost. Students usually rely on part time jobs and scholarships to support their education.


Norway is the nature lover’s paradise. Apart from the world class education you are never far from breathtaking climbing or skiing hot spots, midnight sun in summer and snowy winters! Not to forget the beautiful northern lights.


Here is the list of the five best universities in Norway. Please go through their websites to find the courses of your interest.

  1. University of Oslo
  2. University of Bergen
  3. Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  4. University of Tromsø- The Arctic University of Norway
  5. Norwegian University of Life Sciences

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