PhD in Europe

Do you have a master’s degree? Are you hoping to do quality research in some of the most reputed research groups in the world? Europe is your destination. Research labs equipped with the latest technologies, pioneers in each field who lead the research groups and fully funded/paid PhD positions are some of the most attractive things about a European PhD.

PhD position comes with a good pay, additionally you get a student semester ticket

In Europe, PhD is considered as a full-time job and for the same reason you will receive an attractive pay every month. The salary would be more than enough to have a good life focusing on your research and to enjoy the essence of Europe. Semester tickets that usually students benefit from, gives the benefits of free use of public transportation, discounts in public attractions etc. Although PhD candidates are employed, they also receive semester tickets from their respective universities. Icing on the cake, right?

We advise to choose research groups not just based on university rankings

It is true than reputed institutions will have top notch research groups that publishes in the high ranked journals. It is of course great to get a PhD position in these institutions of research. However, there are also research groups in other universities that offers the same quality of research. The key is to search for these programs and find them. We employ three methods to make this happen.

1. Direct method- International programs

2. Indirect method- Twitter, LinkedIn groups

3. Cold call (differently than how most people do)

We have specific ways and techniques that we use in to assure that our applicants stay ahead of the competition. Talk to us to know more about them.

A can-do attitude

Applying to the programs, especially for PhDs, is fun and exciting and also tiring at times. We have seen in some cases that although ConsultEd’s application strategies get the applicants to interview, they might not be successful to get past the interview despite their solid effort. This is where your attitude will make a difference. It is of great importance to keep applying to the research groups/universities with international PhD programs, sending the right Email to the PI and creating the perfect application documents. In nutshell, keep trying. The next step is your success.

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